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Copayment or no-copayment

Health insurance in Spain Option board

Copayment insurance, the insured has to pay an amount in addition to the insurance premium in order to use the services.

But, with no-copayment the insured does not have to pay any extra fee, only the cost of the premium.

The advantage of an insurance with copayments is that they have a lower premium cost while still providing the same coverage.

copayment options

Companies offer different options for the same product with low, medium or high copayment.

Some products have a monthly limit, meaning that if you go over the limit, you do not have to pay any additional costs.

Most companies charge copayments on a monthly basis. And some of them they have a monthly limit.

If you don´t use the insurance frequently, a medium copayment may be a good idea, so the cost will be lower.

If you will use the insurance more frequently, you may want to contract an insurance with no-copayments.

Health insurance with no-copayments is mandatory as a requirement to obtain visas, foreign student permits or residence permits in Spain.

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