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Health care in Spain

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Health care in Spain

Health care in Spain has a distinction between public and private, in recent years has become overloaded, with long waiting lists and little time available for consultations, this means that if you have a problem you will have to be patient.

If you want to see a specialist you will first have to make an appointment with your GP and then be referred to a specialist, but some specialties that have a waiting list of 6 to 12 months.

While with private health care in Spain you get fast treatment, dedication, and no waiting lists.

If you have a serious problem it is a time when decisions and time to act are key.


Freedom of choice of doctors and flexibility

In public health care, you receive care depending on where you live, and you must coordinate waiting lists and schedules.

In private health insurance, you have flexibility because you can choose the doctor or specialist you want to attend, and it is easy to organize the schedules for consultations and analyses.


health care in spain with Comfortable hospitalization

In public health care you have to share a room in case of hospitalization on the other hand, in private health insurance, you have your room.


Tax benefits

There are tax benefits for self-employed, companies, and employees in private health insurance, whilst this is not happening in public health care.



Most private health insurance companies since the arrival of Covid-19 have developed digital and video call services providing greater flexibility in care and faster solutions to health problems.

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