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Health insurance for the Spanish nomad visa

Health insurance in Spain Digital Nomad girl

The new Startups Law allows people to be based in the country to work remotely.

What is the Spanish Digital Nomad visa?

It is a visa that gives foreigners the opportunity to settle in Spain and work from there.

The years spent in Spain working on this visa count towards the application for Spanish nationality by residence, if the other requirements are met.

In addition, candidates will have tax advantages. Applicants will benefit from a better tax regime since they will qualify for non-resident income tax and will only have to pay only 24% on income derived from the employment of up to 600,000 euros.

What are the requirements?

-No criminal record.
-Hold a university, vocational training or business school degree of recognised prestige or have at least three years of professional work experience.
Work as an employee in one or more companies based outside Spain or be self-employed. The latter may not have more than 20% of their income coming from Spanish companies.
-Demonstrate the existence of real and continuous activity for at least one year of the company with which the employment or professional relationship is maintained.
-Proof of the existence of an employment or commercial relationship with the company for at least the last three months prior to the submission of the application, as well as documentation accrediting that the company allows them, as workers, to carry out the work activity remotely.
-Documentation accrediting a minimum income (amount to be confirmed), which would be around 2,000 euros per month.
-Workers must present documentation proving that the work or professional relationship can be carried out remotely.
-Medical insurance without co-payment.

The Spanish Government will announce more information before 31 March 2023.

Where can I apply for the Digital Nomad visa?

If you are outside Spain, you must apply for this visa at the Spanish Consulate in your country of origin or the country where you have your legal residence and it will be valid for one year, renewable for two more years.

In the event that they are in Spain on a regular basis (for example, with a student or tourist visa), they must apply for a residence permit for international teleworking. It is valid for a maximum of three years, renewable for another two, and you can obtain permanent residence after five years.

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