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Hospitals in Spain

Hospitals in Spain

Hospitals in Spain

Speaking of the top hospitals in Spain, HLA Group with entirely Spanish capital. It has 40 years of experience, 17 hospitals and 36 multi-specialty medical centers with the latest generation treatments and the highest standards.


The largest network of hospitals in Spain owned by a health insurance company. ASISA reinvests the profits obtained annually in the improvement of care, technological modernization and training programs for its professionals, which leads to a high quality of attention.


In total, the HLA Group has more than:

  • 1,300 rooms
  • 105 surgery units
  • 250 high-tech diagnostic imaging units (MRI, CT, etc.)
  • 77 intensive care units, etc.

Over the last years, were invested more than 100 million euros in upgrading its infrastructures and acquiring new equipment.

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