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Travel insurance benefits

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The most important benefit of travel insurance is peace of mind, protection against different circumstances, and complete health care. We all know that when traveling, different situations can occur.


Many people know that the cost of medical care abroad is really expensive. If you think travel insurance is an expense, just look at some of these examples: In the United States or countries like Australia, going to a clinic and seeing a doctor will cost between US$ 300 – US$ 400, imagine the cost of an examination like an MRI, the prices are exorbitant. So think of it this way, just in case of a cold, you will save you money.

Common issues

With lost luggage, the airline is responsible for compensation, which, I am sorry to say, is a long and cumbersome procedure, while with travel insurance, compensation proceeds quickly. You’re covered for civil liability or accident, If a third party is unintentionally injured.


In many countries, it is mandatory to have travel insurance, such as in Cuba, Russia, Belarus, Algeria, Iran, Ecuador. Travel insurance companies do not require you to fill in medical questionnaires or wait for waiting periods before contracting.


The insured amount is enough to cover any medical costs and they have coverage for the older people.


They are flexible, the cover is for the duration of the trip. You get many benefits from having one, so we recommend getting one every time you travel.

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